Do You Have a Dream?

Whenever I dream about accomplishing something great, I filter it through the DREAM acrostic my friend Stacey helped me create. Stacey is my hero when it comes to living out your faith in the marketplace. His Joshua Jars are amazing!

My version of the DREAM acrostic is simple:

Dare more (show up with courage)

Reach more (set stretch goals)

Expect move (believe you can achieve)

Anticipate more (be prepared for obstacles)

Move more (do stuff daily)

Here’s an idea for action … Take time today to define your #1 dream for your future and answer the following questions to help you make progress.

  1. What is one way I need to be more Daring (courageous) toward my dream?
  2. What goals do I have in place to help me Reach my dream?
  3. How will my current Expectations help or hinder reaching my dream?
  4. Where do I Anticipate obstacles on my journey toward my dream?
  5. What do I need to do over the next 30 days to Move toward my dream?


 I’m confident if you will dare, reach, expect, anticipate, and move, your dream is within reach.


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5 years ago

Great Article Randy!! If you want to take a look at Joshua Jar it is
I have found when you go after your DREAM you will:


5 years ago

Awesome, Stace!!!

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