Do You Have a Leadership Barbershop?

When I was a kid, I lived in a small town. Every couple of weeks my Dad would tell me to hop in the truck and we would head off to the local Barber Shop. I hated it.

barber shop

It always made my neck itch and I usually had to take a bath afterwards. What kid wants to deal with an itchy neck and a bar of soap?
But I always got the feeling that my Dad had a different view of the Barber Shop. For him it was a place to shoot the breeze with a few of the locals. The men would sit around and talk about sports and politics while the Barber dished out the itchy necks to the sons.
Looking back I can see that there was value in the Barber Shop for a leader like my Dad. Several things come to mind.
1 – It kept him aware of what was relevant in our town.
2 – It was a place for him to share ideas and listen to the opinions of his friends and neighbors.
3 – It gave him an escape from the stresses of the office.
4 – It was a place where he could laugh.
Today’s leaders are no different from my Dad’s generation. We still need outlets where we can be a part of the conversation.
You may choose a different venue, but the values are still the same. Find a place where you can listen, learn, and laugh and you will be a better leader.
And if you decide to take your son along, don’t expect him to enjoy it if there is a Barber involved.
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[Tweet “”Find a place where you can listen, learn, and laugh and you will be a better leader.””]

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4 years ago

Thank you for this perspective, Randy! One of the most honorable, faithful, humble men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing is the man who has cut my hair for over 45 years. I’m the third generation of my family benefiting from his skilled hands and wise leadership. As my kids visit him, I know they are experiencing great values in a safe environment; leaving with shorter hair, and a longer smile.
Everyone should have the pleasure of sharing time with a man like Rex in Roanoke, IN.

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