Do You Have a Leadership Teacher?

Many of my favorite people are teachers. Topping the list is my sister who has been investing in students for over two decades.
I have friends who teach a variety of subjects, yet one things remains constant no matter the grade level or topic. The best students are always a reflection of great teachers.
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As a leader I am constantly on the lookout for those who can help me improve. Do you have people who are challenging you to grow? If not, how do you identify someone who can help? It is not enough to find a teacher. You need to find the right teacher.
When looking for a leadership teacher, there are a few things I look for.
1. Passion – The greatest teachers I have ever learned from were full of passion.  Energy, enthusiasm, zeal … call it whatever you want, but their spirit was contagious. They wanted to be there, so I wanted to be there. You can learn something from almost anyone, but if you want it to stick, pick someone with passion.
2. Performance – At the end of the day, performance matters. “Leaders are achievers.” You are in business to produce. If you are going to improve your performance, you need to find someone with a proven track record who has something to say.
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3. Position – When looking for people to learn from, I like to choose people who are working in a similar position in their environment as I am in mine. Like minded leaders often speed up the learning process.
4. Perseverance – Few things matter to me more than staying power. Not stodgy, old, irrelevant experience. But passionate, high performance, endurance. Find someone who has made it for the long haul and you will find someone who is full of wisdom.
Passion, performance, position, and perseverance. Find all four of those in a teacher and you will accelerate your growth.
What do you look for in a great teacher?
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Fred Campbell

5 years ago

Randy, Always appreciate your insights. It doesn’t start with the letter “P” but I look for a servant leader teacher who seeks my best interests. They’re teaching me for my good. That’s what I desire for myself as a teacher, to be a servant.
Fred Campbell


5 years ago

Beautiful, Fred. Thanks!

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