Do You Have an Iron Man by Your Side?

The past couple of days I traveled with a friend of mine to encourage leaders in a couple of companies near Chicago.
On the flight home last night we had time to debrief and discuss the events. There were several highlights we could point to and a few things we hope to improve before our next trip. Before we landed the conversation was very pointed. Namely, my friend was direct about an area where I need to get better.
After I dropped him off at his house I rode home in silence. Surprisingly, I was not offended. In truth, my heart was full of gratefulness toward my friend because his challenge motivated me to raise the bar on an area of my leadership.
There is an old proverb which reads, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”
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If you find yourself stuck as a leader, making little progress, or unaware of your blind spots, look to your right or left. No one there? Chances are, you need a wing man.
Who is making you better as a leader? Who are you making better?
Find the right person to partner up with and watch what iron can do. It will sharpen you as a leader.
Do you seek feedback from those in your circle of influence?
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Ray Green

5 years ago

Two things: As a leader of the men in my local church, this was timely and I was able to immediately identify my “Iron Man”. It has prompted me to send him a card saying just that.
Second I will be in Corporate in March on the 14th thru the 16th and would like to have coffee or lunch which ever suits you Randy. Thanks in advance.
Also have you read, ” The Circle Maker” by Mark Batterson? If not this is a referral. Great read!
Be blessed.

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