When it comes to performance, which is more important, precision or speed?

That depends.

If you are driving an Indy car, you probably need a good measure of both. But if your goal is to lead people, you only need to be able to recognize both.

Let me explain.

On my team, there are some people who are fast. You give them an assignment and within hours it is done. Not always perfect, but always on time. I know others who are rarely early, but can be counted on to be exact. Two different personality types and two different sets of results. Neither better than the other. Just different.

This is where leadership comes in. If I assign something with a lot of detail to someone who is a conqueror, I should not be surprised if they struggle delivering it exactly like I want it. Likewise, if I expect a deadline to be beaten by a detail hound, I will only frustrate us both.

Great leaders know how to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of their team members and align them accordingly.

If you have someone who is struggling to meet your expectations or deadlines, it might be as much your fault as it is theirs. Before you give up on them, you should make sure you have them working in their area of strength.

Precision or speed? People rarely have both. It is your job to know the difference.

Leadership Begins at Home,


Which is more natural for you, precision or speed?

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