Do You Learn from Your Burns?

A while back one of my daughters made me cookies. Big, yummy, gooey, chocolate chip cookies. Boom!
It would have been a perfect night except for the burn.
As she was taking out the last batch the top of her hand accidentally bumped the hot surface of the oven. Not good. It made a nasty mark on her hand and a lasting impression on her desire to bake. She has decided the cookie business is not for her.
When was the last time you were burned? Not in the kitchen, but as a leader? Did you learn anything from it?
All of us will stumble. Some more than others. But the wise leader is the one who learns from her mistakes.
Identify an area where you have failed in the past and resolve not to repeat your behavior.
Burns hurt. But a burn can be a good thing if you care for it properly and stay away from the hot spots as you move forward.
Learn from your burns!
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