Yesterday Rust.  Today Dust.

Dust is defined as “Tiny particles of waste matter lying on a surface.”

Dust happens.  And yet, it often goes unnoticed, especially by those closest to it.

It appears out of nowhere, builds up over time, and thickens until someone pulls out the Pledge.

As leaders, dust takes on different forms.  For some it is an unbalanced budget.  For others a messy closet or car.  A crowded schedule or a cluttered desk are also evidence of dust.

Dust, for a leader, is any default mode of messiness.

While rust comes from a lack of use, as we saw yesterday.  Dust comes from failure to ‘give attention.’

Do you have dust collecting on the surface of your leadership?  Are there places where you might even be unaware of the build up?

You might consider asking someone else who knows you well.

The secret to staying ahead of dust is to have a set routine of dealing with it.  Likewise, if you want to avoid “settling” in your leadership, you must have a routine built into your life to deal with the mundane.

Today is a great day to address the “Dust.”



Are there places in your life and leadership where you are experiencing “Dust?”

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10 years ago

Did you have me in mind when you wrote this one? (Not keeping up with my budget and a messy car has been my “dust” lately.


10 years ago

I feel your pain Mitch!

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