Last week I attended an induction ceremony of the National Honor Society at a local high school.  One of the best definitions of excellence I have ever heard was shared by a history teacher, named Mr. Wesche, during an address to the students being honored.

He stated that, “Excellence is the result when potential and performance meet.”

As I sat there I thought back to my own days in high school and realized just how true his definition was.

Looking back, I have a few regrets.  Why?  Because there were places where my performance didn’t match my potential.

If excellence is the result when potential and performance meet, then regret is the result when they don’t.

If you want to achieve excellence in your leadership you will ultimately be faced with the performance vs. potential equation.  I suggest you learn how to solve it.

Excellence or regret?  The choice is yours.



Are there areas in your life where you need to raise the level of your performance?