This week I heard another leader say, “The secret to concentration is elimination.”

Is there something in your life that needs to go?

Before you add something new, eliminate something old.

Failure to do so will only lead to leadership clutter.

It’s time to eliminate!



Where are you experiencing leadership clutter?



repost from 8.6.10

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Coach Brown

9 years ago

When a “marksman” shoots at the target they eliminate their focus on everything but the bulls eye… then his or her body and mind responds without the distractions of the other rings on the target. Others look at the target and hope to hit the center! Thanks for the reminder Randy. There are distractions at work that we need to ignore and keep focused on the bulls eye.


9 years ago

Very true Coach!


9 years ago

I read this and fired everyone in the department! Just kidding. Good post as always! Have a good weekend.


9 years ago

Thanks Joel. Glad everyone survived!

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