One of the things I am most passionate about is encouraging others to discover what they are passionate about.

Educator, Sir Ken Robinson makes the statement, “Too many people endure, rather than enjoy, their work … merely existing and waiting for the weekend.” I hope that doesn’t describe you. More importantly, as a leader I hope it doesn’t describe your team.

The more organizations, companies, and teams I serve, the more I appreciate the importance of leaders encouraging team members to discover their strengths.

As you think about growing your business today, I challenge you to focus on growing the people in your business.

Truthfully, many of your team members will move on within the next five years. If that is the case, you have a choice to make. You can selfishly begrudge their exit, or you can position and empower them to be launched out for maximum impact. The greatest leaders have an abundance mindset, not one of scarcity.

Find someone

today and have a conversation with them about their fit in your organization. If there are gaps between their sweet spots and their current roles, have the courage to realign them. Doing so will help them win and might just take your business to the next level.

Leadership Begins at Home,


Do you have a process for aligning your team?

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