One of the only things you have control over in your approach to leadership is your energy.

A couple of nights ago, I saw a basketball game between two teams that were equally matched. Predictably, the outcome of the game was determined by the winning team’s level of energy.

The body language of the losing team was negative, while the winners were up off of the bench cheering for their teammates on the floor, high-fiving each other during timeouts, and communicating on defense.

Energy expert Jon Gordon, in his book, The Energy Bus, writes: “When you bring out the best in others (with your energy), you can’t help but bring out the best in yourself.”

There are a lot of things today you will have no control over. Energy will not be one of them. If you want to be great, then show up with energy. It will give you a major advantage over your competition.



Who do you know that is high-energy?