In light of Father’s Day & my wedding anniversary (which is this week), I am choosing to make this “family week” on the blog. Leading at home is my biggest challenge and my greatest opportunity. I would guess you can relate. I hope these blogs will encourage you to focus on your most important followers.

 “What I Have Learned as a Dad”

I love being a Dad. My favorite weekend of the year is always the third weekend of June. Why?

Father’s Day.

Father’s Day serves as a big reminder in the middle of the year that my life is not about me. In my case, there are four “little women” who call me Daddy.

Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve a house full of girls. And I mean that in the most positive way possible.

God has used my kids to literally change my life.

Through them I have learned the following . . .

Love. Before I became a father, I thought I knew what love was. I was wrong. If God loves me more than I love my kids (which He does), I must be very special.

Joy. From the first time I held one of my kids, to every bedtime story, bowl of ice cream and soccer game, I genuinely en”joy” being a dad.

Patience. If I had a nickel for every time I have waited on a woman, we could all retire. Needless to say, my patience has grown with the passing years. Late is now a virtue.

Gratefulness. Children are a gift from God. Gifts should produce gratefulness. I did nothing to earn or deserve to be their dad, so my heart overflows when I consider how I have been blessed with their presence.

Laughter. My kids are borderline wackos. When the four of them get going with their zaniness, I just get out of the way. Our dinner table is like a comedy show most nights. I will just say it is hard to take yourself too seriously when no one else does. If laughter truly is good for the soul, then mine is certainly healthy.

Tenderness. Admittedly, I have been called a bit intense at times. It is who I am in my DNA. But there is hope. I know this because, over the years, I have softened. It is hard to live at sea in the “Estrogen Ocean” and not be made better.

Sacrifice. Parenting, by definition, is expensive. And I am not just talking about money. To be a good dad, it will cost you your life. Literally! Your time, attention, wisdom, grace, forgiveness, yes, and even cash are all required. The funny thing is, giving has become fun. It is part of the joy of this whole thing called fatherhood.

Love, joy, patience, gratefulness, laughter, tenderness, and sacrifice. Not exactly what I envisioned when we brought our first little girl home from the hospital. But if you are trying to become a better person, these traits are a good place to start.




What is your favorite thing about your dad?