Do you ever feel like you are missing something at home? I know I do.

Family relationships require focus just as work does. The harder you work at your marriage or your parenting, the more you will reap the rewards of a great family life. However, many times we struggle at home more than anywhere else.

How can it be this way? After all, you would think the last people on earth we would have difficulty with would be the ones we love the most. But often home life can be very frustrating.

The temptation is to be so engaged at the office that you become consumed with work at the expense of your family. Even when you go home you can be there without really “being there.”

So what’s the answer?

1. Leave work at work! Your work will be there when you get back to the office. Your spouse and kids need you to be fully present when you are at home.

2. Be intentional! Plan some uninterrupted time with each of your family members each week. Pick a common interest or activity and learn to laugh.

3. Save the best for last! How many of us bring more energy to our work words than we do to our home words? Choose to bring your greatest energy to your conversations at home. Learn to listen more than you talk.

4. Remove distractions! Turn off the TV, power down the phone, go dark on the computer, and stay out of the easy chair. “Down time” alone is often more draining than spending focused time with a family member which

can be

very energizing.

There is a reason that the night time hours are referred to as prime time by the TV networks. For a leader the hours at home are indeed “prime time.” Make the most of them and you will have no regrets.







repost from 6.22.10