First century Greek philosopher, Epictetus, once said, “He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has.”

My greedy tendency is to want more, rather than being content with what I have.  I sense I am surrounded by people who have the same struggle.

With Thanksgiving Day only a week away, I am choosing to go counter cultural and count my blessings this week.  I hope you will join me.

So here goes.  For me it all starts with my family . . .

I am thankful for my wife.  She knows me better than anyone, and yet still faithfully stays by my side.  After nearly 25 years of marriage, I love her more than I ever have.

I am thankful for my four daughters.  Being a dad makes me happier than anything else I can think of.  My girls rock!  I am so proud of each of them.

I am thankful for my parents.  So much of who I am was learned by watching my mom and dad work hard, live generously, and love unconditionally.  They are priceless.

I am thankful for my kid brother.  He is a great family man, a strong leader, and a relational machine.  No one deserves a brother as good as mine.  He is a true linchpin.

I am thankful for my baby sister.  She makes me smile every time I think of her.  The girl is a great wife, mother, educator, and woman of faith.  I am glad she is my sister and wish you could know how it feels to have her in your family.

Epictetus,while our clan is far from perfect, we are all perfect for each other.  So in my book, you can call me wise.

Because, when it comes to family, I could not possibly ask for a better one.

I am genuinely grateful.





What is your favorite thing about your family and when was the last time you expressed gratefulness to your family members?