Finally an App to Help Grow Your Leaders

What are you trying to accomplish? It might be my favorite leadership question.
My answer is simple. I’m trying to encourage leaders to increase their capacity, grow their business, and reach their potential. But why? When I simplify and really narrow the focus, the company I lead, INTEGREAT Leadership, has a vision of growing a generation of integrity based leaders. Our team filters everything through the lens of integrity based leadership.
The reality is, the vision we have is way too big for our team to tackle alone. We need help … YOUR help.
In order to help leaders grow we have created an app around the content we share with organizations and teams all over the world … and here is where you come in. I want you to download the app and help us spread the word. You can visit the app store and search INTEGREAT Leadership.

Inside the app you will currently find two programs to help you grow your leaders. One is on the fundamental skills every leader needs. It is called SERVE. The second is a program on building a High Performance Organization, based on the Chess not Checkers content I have co-written with Mark Miller.
In each program you will find nearly 60 videos, quizzes, assessments, and tools designed to teach you the best practices of high performance. Each video is approximately one minute in length, easy to digest, and perfect for interacting with your team or other leaders. In fact, at the bottom of the home screen you will find an invite button to onboard your entire team and create a cohort of learners. You will also be able to track your progress through our micro-certification. Upon completion of each program you will receive an INTEGREAT badge you can add to your linkedin page.
The best news is we are currently making the app available for free. All you have to do is download the App today and follow the sign up steps.
Thanks for your willingness to help us grow a generation of integrity based leaders — Let’s do this!

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