Focus on the Wildly Important

Welcome to a new week. I hope you are ready to make a difference in the lives of those you lead.

Each time Monday rolls around it brings with it a built in do-over for each of us. The question is, How can this week be more impactful than last?

On Thursday and Friday I had the opportunity to attend the Global Leadership Summit in Chicago with 5,000 other leaders. The event was live-streamed to 125,000 others at satellites all over the US, and eventually will be shown to over 300,000 worldwide. I attend the Summit every year to work on my leadership.

Chris McChesney

One of this year’s speakers was, #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Chris McChesney. In his book, The 4 Disciples of Execution, he says discipline #1 is to Focus on the Wildly Important. At the Summit, McChesney reminded us that the wildly important, “lives at the intersection of what really matters and what’s not going to happen on its own.”

As you think about adding value and creating impact this week, What really matters? What is THE thing that is wildly important for your success? What is that ONE THING that will not happen on its own?

Too often we spend our energy hoping things will get better — wishing we could make progress — dreaming of more capacity.

[Tweet “Hoping, wishing, and dreaming are not a strategy. Focusing is.”]

If you really want to have a great week, zero in on that which is wildly important and make it happen.


What is your top priority for the week?

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John Alexander

5 years ago

Thanks Randy for the information. The Wildly Important item for me this week is preparing (Praying and Physical things) to go to Brazil next week. God has given me another opportunity to Build a building and Build relationships.
As Chuck Connor (C.M.U.) founder would say! Lets go hit a lick for God!


5 years ago

It is confusing for me when I hear that “hope is not a goal” or a quote such as this week’s “Hoping, wish, and dreaming are not a strategy. Focusing is.” I feel we need Hope to achieve a goal just as we need to put the word “wildly”before the word “important” to assure that “What really matter” tasks are executed first.
Where does hope belong in a managing the business at hand?


5 years ago

Great thoughts, Ralph. I believe the leader is to inspire hope in his or her team. However, while hope is inspirational strategy and tactics are the mechanisms to create traction. Thanks for commenting!

Ray Green

5 years ago

Since we last spoke I have taken on a second position outside of Chick Fil A. I am now the Connections Pastor at my Local Church. I mention this because of the relativity of this post to what I am mandated to do in the local church. Thanks for the insight and encouragement.

Troy Slezak

5 years ago

Hi Randy,
I bought Chris McChesney’s book and poured through it over the weekend. I felt as though I’d found the “holy grail”. Incredible stuff. By the way I saw your pic with John Maxwell! Pretty Amazing. Blessings!


5 years ago

Good stuff. Thanks, Troy!

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