For Leaders, There are No Perfect Days

During a recent conversation with a young leader I was reminded that there are no perfect days.

He commented to the group we were with that he keeps wanting things to be perfect. Another leader in the room, without hesitation, brought him down to earth with the words, “It will never happen. Leadership will always be a struggle.”

Have you embraced the struggle? The temptation for leaders is to live in the clouds and ignore the pain that progress requires. As I wrote yesterday, there are times when we need to rise above and pursue perspective. However, no matter how many times we refocus, the battle on the ground will always be hard.

[Tweet “Great leaders attack hard stuff. They eat challenges for breakfast.”]

As you look back over your past few months, if you have been looking for easy street and hoping for smooth sailing, it is time to stop. You will never find either.

Lean into something hard today. Your team is looking for someone to show courage. Today won’t be perfect, but it will be better if you will do what you were born to do … LEAD!

Leadership Begins at Home,


Why is it important for leaders to lead with courage?

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6 years ago

Amen! First time in my job and department chair and the challenges are issued daily. You are right, there never will be a perfect day, but there will be great days! Time to rise above today. Thanks for the constant inspiration!


6 years ago

Thanks, Dan. I appreciate the encouragement!

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