Are you holding back?

The past couple of weeks the weather in Atlanta has been unseasonably cold. Several of my friends have lived through the horror of frozen pipes and flooded basements.


Hindsight is 20-20, but I couldn’t help but think about the advice my dad gave me when I was a kid. He said the best way to keep pipes from freezing is to leave a little water running on a cold night; flowing water rarely freezes. I must admit, I did not heed his advice the last couple of weeks but somehow still managed to escape calamity.

My dad’s theory is embedded with a life and leadership principle. That is, if you want to keep from being frozen, you better keep your talent flowing.  “Use it or lose it,” as they say, is a popular adage for a reason.

Too many people I know hold back on their dreams and subsequently become paralyzed because of fear – frozen, if you will. Others hold back team members, failing to encourage or believe in them. The team becomes frozen because of the leader’s insecurity.

The amazing thing about a faucet is that there is no end to the water supply available to it. Yet, unless the valve is opened up, things remain dry.

Stop holding back, open your leadership faucet, and watch what happens. Ideas will flow, projects will be accomplished, people will flourish, and dreams will be realized.

Perhaps the only thing holding you back and causing you to be frozen … is You.

Leadership Begins at Home,


Is there an area where you are holding back?

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