During his recent Ted Talk, innovator Tom Wujec made reference to a survey that was done among 50,000 CEO’s. According to the survey, 80% of the leaders stated that they believe their vision has been clearly communicated and is being executed effectively. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the survey was the response of the team members of the CEO’s. Contrastingly, only about 20% of them believed the vision was clear and being carried out.

Can you say GAP?

When it comes to the vision you are trying to communicate and have executed, is there a gap? If so, there is a good chance you don’t even know it is exists.

Great leaders gather information by asking questions of team members. This can be done through an informal conversation or through a formal survey. Either way, it is wise to know what your team members are thinking and hearing.

Take some time this week and look for the gaps in your organization. Failure to do so will certainly lead to a disconnect between leader and team.





How can a leader ensure there are no gaps in his or her organization?

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Dan Black

9 years ago

I think speaking the vision and goals to team members on a regular basis helps fill in the gaps.


9 years ago

Thanks Dan!

Dan Black

9 years ago

your welcome:)

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