Last Thursday I had my car detailed … my old car … we’re talking nearly 200,000 miles old.

Honestly, I was shocked at how good it looked after it was done.

Often times, as a leader, I am tempted to discard the old stuff, and buy into the latest and greatest. The truth is, sometimes my old stuff just needs a little attention. Thirty dollars spent had me convinced I was driving a brand new one.


Are there some old things in your leadership world that need a little elbow grease? In fact, you might not even have to do the work yourself. Like I paid someone to clean my car, you might be able to outsource your upgrade.

Does your website need a little work? I know I have plans for mine.

Is it time for your team to get away? The team I work with has a retreat planned for next week.

Do you have a strategic plan that needs to be re-communicated in a fresh way? I’ve noticed that, “vision leaks.”

You might be shocked at how your frustration today, can become something you can be proud of tomorrow. But let me remind you, it will only happen if you give some attention to the old stuff.



What is an area in your area of leadership that needs a little attention in the coming days?