Go Big or Go Home!

Today’s guest post is from Mark Miller. You can connect with Mark on twitter @leadersserve.
Go Big or Go Home
The phrase “go big or go home” is probably considered a cliché in our culture. You’ve probably heard it for years, and recently with increasing frequency. The idea seems to be everywhere in our culture.
I think the GO BIG mindset has also invaded the thinking of most leaders, or even been there all along. This is not necessarily bad nor unexpected – “big(ger)” is usually a significant part of what leaders are paid to do . . .

  • Make the customer base bigger.
  • Make the sales line on the P&L bigger.
  • Make the profits of the organizations bigger.
  • If you’re in a non-profit setting, you want to make the donor base bigger.
  • Leaders also want to make a bigger impact!

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it really takes for something to “go big.” I’ve concluded there are a few pre-requisites for healthy, sustained, “bigger.” Here’s the first:
The success of all big ideas hinges on perceived value. 
And, here’s the tricky part . . . you, as the leader, do not get to decide. The people that the idea is intending to serve are the judge and jury. Yes, the customer, or potential customer, has the ultimate authority to decide if your big idea lives or dies.
And, to compound the challenge, many big ideas (products, services, and activities) have multiple customers. Be sure you know who your customers are – not just the end users. Each customer group can have unique, and sometimes conflicting, expectations.
If you want any of your idea to “go big,” be sure your customers believe it adds tremendous value.
How does the idea, product, service, or activity you are advocating add value?
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