Greatness is in the Preparation 

Greatness. It’s hard to define, but not hard to identify. Last night I saw it at Phillips Arena in Atlanta.
The Hawks were playing the Golden State Warriors and my baby girl bought me tickets for Christmas. Notice I said tickets plural. The Warriors are her favorite team and Mr. Greatness is her favorite player. You know him as Steph Curry.
The first sign of the greatness actually showed up 90 minutes before the game. Check out this 40 second clip of Curry making shots with his coach feeding him pass after pass. Steph is in the dark grey shirt and white shorts on the far side of the court.

What was interesting to me was there were only a couple of teammates on the court with Steph. The arena was basically empty, and yet there, with no one looking, the best shooter in the world was working on his craft.
As a leader how much time do you spend preparing for your work? It’s no accident the best in any field relentlessly prepare.
What would happen if you spent more time preparing than you do working? I’m guessing your performance might improve, and a few people might even pay to see it.

[Tweet “”Preparation is the foundation for contribution.” #Discipline”]

[Tweet “”Greatness is born when no one is looking.” #Preparation”]

[Tweet “”If you want to impact publicly start by preparing privately.” #Integrity “]

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Jessica Bickel

4 years ago

Wow Randy this is so true. I can honestly say as a Leader I can tell a huge difference in my performance on days I don’t come mentally prepared or have a game plan in mind the night before. The rest of my team suffers… I truly believe that when I do that I become a “Lid” to my team and Business that I have been entrusted with.


4 years ago

Thanks for your comment, Jessica. Great reminder!

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