Last night it happened again … David beat Goliath. This time it was on a soccer field, instead of a battle field.

Goliath was represented by #1 ranked, and two-time Georgia State AAAAA Champion, McIntosh High. In David’s corner was little known, Northgate High. The two teams are in the same region, but the stakes were much higher last night. It was the state semifinal. Trailing 0-1 with 3:59 remaining, Northgate somehow got a goal and then added another one in overtime to win 2-1. It was an amazing game and a complete and passionate team effort from the Lady Vikings.

One of the girls on Northgate’s team is my neighbor, Hannah. Hannah is a leader. She was a leader when I coached her as an 8-year-old, and nothing has changed. Watching the game, I was not surprised. There is always a leader involved whenever a Goliath goes down.

Futbol Captain

After the game, someone forwarded me a copy of the text message Hannah sent to her teammates yesterday morning. It is the best picture of how a leader leads that I have come across lately. Read it and ask yourself if you have as much passion toward your current battle as this senior captain had toward hers.

With Hannah’s permission, I hope you are inspired by her pregame wordIt’s here. We’ve made it. We’ve worked hard. We’ve done our jobs. Now what are you going to do with it? You can have all the talent in the world and let it go to waste. DO NOT WASTE IT. Don’t give up. Don’t quit. I’m so proud of every one of y’all. Y’all are like sisters to me and I would kill for every single one of you. We’ve made it here because we have played as a team. Tonight I’m honored to play with you. I’m honored to be able to give everything I’ve got for you, for me, for us. Be a team tonight. Encourage, motivate, give it everything. Be the team that shocks everyone. Play as a team. Make the save you never thought you would. Tackle the girl you never thought you could keep up with. Take on the defender you never thought you could get around. Score the goal that gets us to the final. Pass. Distribute. Defend. Score. Save. Do your part because without your part we won’t accomplish anything. Leave it on the field. Don’t stop. Don’t let the crowd get to you — do YOUR part. Don’t impress — PLAY. Let your actions speak tonight. Today is our day. Nothing can stand in our way. Don’t leave yourself with regrets. Give it 110% and leave no energy to even walk off the field!

I will personally carry you off the field after the game if you’ve given it your all! There should be no energy left in your bodies to even get on the bus after the game. And if there is, you’ll regret every bit of it. You’ll regret every tackle you didn’t get stuck into, every pass you didn’t complete, every save you didn’t make and every opportunity to score you didn’t take advantage of. Play aggressive and don’t be scared — this is a beatable team. Put in the work and don’t stop. Whatever happens, happens — WE can do this. I believe in you, I believe in me, I believe in us. It’s your time, it’s my time, it’s our time. ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’

Well said, Love! One more game to go.

On Saturday, Northgate will play for their first-ever state championship. And while they won’t be favored, maybe they should be.


Because they have a leader, and her name is Hannah.



What was the best leadership speech you ever heard?