Next Thursday life will stop when families and friends gather around tables to celebrate Thanksgiving. It will be a day for us to express our gratefulness.

I say we don’t wait!


The holiday can be traced all the way back to 1621 and the famous gathering at Plymouth Plantation. It had deep religious roots as those present remembered God and thanked Him for His provision and blessings.

Sadly, I am hearing less and less gratefulness these days. Most people act entitled, and few look to God as their source of life.

You would think that would mean more people are happier than ever before. I mean, if someone has it all under control they should be happy, right?


Zig Ziglar once wrote, “Without gratitude, happiness is rare.”

If you want to be happy, I suggest you start looking up to the One who gives life. And I say, why wait!

Thanksgiving Day is a great day and a great idea. But I suspect it will be a lot more enjoyable for those who are in the habit of being grateful all year long.

If you find yourself less than happy, the answer to your problems is gratefulness.

Don’t Wait!

Leadership Begins at Home,


I pray you have a blessed Thanksgiving week.  

What are you most grateful for?    

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