Have you ever considered why the best athletes in the world all have coaches? It is because of the power of feedback.
The same is true for musicians, singers, dancers, gymnasts, and even executives. You would think if someone was considered the best in their field, they would have very little to learn from an outsider, yet the best always look to someone to help them hone their craft. Why? Because coaching gives them a way to receive immediate feedback on how they are doing and what they can do to improve.
As a leader, few things will help you make progress toward your target like allowing those you work with full access to review your performance. Just as a blood pressure cuff measures your physical vitals, feedback is a built in reality check that will give you a glimpse into the health and vitality of your personal effectiveness as a leader. But it is one thing to believe feedback is important. It is another thing entirely to go and seek it out.
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Over the next couple of days I will share with you my ABC’s of Feedback. In the mean time, find someone you trust today and ask, “How am I doing?”
Leadership Begins at Home,
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