How Great Do You Want to Be in 2016?

Why are some organizations able to achieve AND sustain greatness? The quick answer is they are never satisfied. Regardless of the level of excellence they achieve, they always Raise the Bar.

The leaders in High Performance Organizations understand, it is better to raise the bar yourself versus waiting on your competition to do it for you.

As you enter 2016 the big question is, “How great do you want to be?”

The following is an excerpt from the Chess Not Checkers Field Guide. Mark Miller and I wrote it as a blueprint for creating your own High Performance Organization.

Do you know what you would find if you visited your chief competitor? There would be a group of people huddled in a room, focused on one thing … how to eat your lunch! One of the best practices of High Performance Organizations is they are constantly attempting to Raise the Bar and distance themselves from the competition.

May I remind you, “Records are made to be broken.” Those six words have pushed individuals, teams, and yes, even organizations to the rare air of record performance. Occasionally, we see a glimpse of a group who can sustain such excellence over long periods of time, and we label them as a “dynasty.” Do you have dynasty potential? I’m guessing you do.

As you assess your organization, do your current results lean toward ordinary or extraordinary? Would your competition describe you as average or awesome? When is the last time your people set their sights on something great and pursued it together? Not just your leaders, but everyone in the organization. Amazing things can be accomplished when leaders Raise the Bar and call out the best in the people around them.

High Performance Organizations refuse to settle for good. Instead, they lock in on being great and maintain focus. No team drifts to greatness, and yours is no exception. You will never hope your way into high performance.

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If today finds you at a place where your business is merely blending in with the competition, it is time to Raise the Bar.

There is an old Latin word that is a great reminder to leaders. Quantuvis means, “as great as you choose.” The reality is, your organization can be as great as you choose for it to be. Make the decision to Raise the Bar, and you’ll be amazed. And you might even give your competition a reason to worry.

The rare air of high performance is waiting on you and your team in 2016 … but only if you choose to raise the bar.

Leadership Begins at Home,


What is one way you need to raise the bar in your organization?

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