With all this talk of “why” the past few days, you might be tempted to forget about the “how.” Don’t.

The question is, how do you go about choosing your “how?” Your process / strategy?

Admittedly, there are options. You can go with what’s working or what has worked in the past. You can copy what everyone else is doing by hopping on the latest and greatest train. You can even try something innovative and out of the box.

Before going off in one of those directions, I have another suggestion for you to consider. Why not link your how back to your why?

Think about it. The options listed above may or may not be rooted in your dream. But what if every plan you developed, every system you implemented, and every to do list you wrote out, could be traced back to “WHY” you do what you do? Every task would surely be more fulfilling (and fruitful) because it would be rooted in who you are at your core.

I am amazed at how many leaders have a strategy that is not tied to their mission. Don’t fall into that trap.

Keep refining your “how.” But remember, the best way to do that is to start with your “why.”





When was the last time you evaluated your strategy with your purpose in mind?


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Chris Patton

9 years ago

Randy, the first example that comes to my mind for us is “How” we choose to sell cars. 
Just like you described, we took our “Why” (to honor God) and looked for the best “How” that would match up with it.  That is how we ended up giving our very best price for the car up front without requiring any negotiating by the customer.  We also set it up so that it is the same for everyone, everyday.  No one pays more or less than another.
In doing this, we strengthen our “Why” in our core by supporting it with action.  Also, we have found that it is much easier to stick with a tough “How” when it is tied directly to our “Why”!!!
Great post, Randy!


9 years ago

Thanks Chris. I honestly think you guys may be the best example of setting your how based on your why that I know of in the business world. So cool to know someone in the car ministry.

Chris Patton

9 years ago

Wow. Thanks Randy!
I love that…”car ministry.”
Chris Patton

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