When I am going somewhere, I like to be the driver.  The reason?  Because I know where I am going.  Nothing makes me more crazy than riding with someone who is directionally challenged.
I will admit that I have a bit of a control problem when it comes to directions (My wife is somewhere screaming, “A bit?”).
My passengers have been known to complain along the way about my driving but never my directions.  GPS is my middle name.
First and foremost, leaders need to know where they are going and where they are taking others.
Direction is closely associated with vision.  You must “see” the destination before you start or you will end up wrecking your leadership or arriving in the wrong place.
I have discovered that the more speed is present in an organization the clearer the vision needs to be.  Adjusting at high speeds is much harder than it is when you are moving slow.  Therefore, the focus must be narrowed when the pace quickens.
If you are in a busy environment or season of life maybe now would be a good time to reevaluate and shrink your focus?
Speed kills, but only when you get off-road.  Define the center line of your leadership and keep it between the ditches.
There is too much on the line for you to be directionally challenged.
As a leader do you feel a tension between pace and focus?