Is it Time for Vuja De?

Occasionally I will encounter a situation for the first time, and yet somehow feel like I have been there before. Déjà vu at its best.
But the longer I lead, the more I realize what I really need is not Déjà vu, but rather, Vuja de.
Vuja de is when I find myself in a place where I have been repeatedly, but am able to see it as if it were my first time to be there.
Unfortunately, most leaders have very little Vuja de. After a while, they find it almost impossible to see their leadership setting with fresh eyes.
Becoming good at this is hard, but it can be done.
If you want to improve, I suggest you employ the following practices:
1 – Find someone new in your environment and take him to lunch. Ask him for his perspective on your organization. I promise you it will be different from yours.
2 – Visit other organizations that are similar to your own. Seeing how someone else does something is great for generating fresh ideas for your own company.
3 – Walk through your environment once a month with a notepad and pretend you are an outsider. Make notes of what you see. Seeing things as they truly are is about focus, and having good focus requires being intentional.
4 – Change something. What got you to where you are will most likely not get you to where you want to go. Refuse to become stuck in the past and be willing to try something new. Culture is changing at an astonishing rate. Vuja de will keep you relevant.
Have you been at the same place for a while? Are you plateaued in your leadership?
If so, Vuja de might just be what you are looking for.
Leadership Begins at Home,
What other suggestions would you make to help leaders see their organizations with fresh eyes?
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