Is it Time for You to Admit It's Over?

In my neighborhood there is a street I never take. It’s because of a sign I can’t seem to get past. I keep thinking, What’s the point? 
No Outlet. Two simple words that leaders ignore every day.
No OutletIn his book, Necessary Endings, Henry Cloud writes, “You have to be able to admit when more effort is not going to bring about a different result. That is the moment, when you really get it and know that something is over.”
You have to have space in your life if you want to start something new. I know a leader who says he quits something every Thursday so he can create room for the new stuff that needs his attention.
So where is the place in your life that the signs are screaming, “No Outlet!” I’m guessing there is a road or two you need to exit. I know I can think of a few.
Let’s start slow and at least be willing to admit that more effort will not bring about a different result.
Look at the sign and say it out loud, “No outlet.” Translated “It’s Over.”
What is one thing you need to stop doing?
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