Yesterday was one of those days. Too many calls, texts, and voice mails led to those two dreaded words … “Powering Down.”

Battery fried, thank you very much.

There was no charger in sight, so I spent two whole hours detached from the world.

Once I was charged and back to normal I realized I had not missed all that much. In fact only one, non-pressing, call. It turns out I am not all that important after all.

As I drove home with a powered down phone I decided to make things really scary. I turned off the radio too. Silence. Quite. Only road noise.

Yesterday’s moments of solitude reminded me of a time when there were no mobile phones … when you left the house knowing you would not talk to your family members for a few hours. Somehow, we all survived. As I look back, perhaps we were better at communication when we had less communication “devices.”

Whatever happened to sitting down with someone face to face? The idea almost sounds old fashioned. We live in a world where it is too much trouble to walk to the office next door when a tweet or text is available.

Maybe today would be a good day for YOU to power down for a few hours?

“Not possible,” you say. Actually it is. It only requires a choice to push a button.

Close the laptop, turn off the phone, lose the music, & go silent for a few hours. Chances are, you might find that you are not all that important either.

There is an old saying about Christmas being a time for Peace on Earth. If you want your world to be more calm, it’s time to power down.

Leadership Begins at Home,


What technology “device” causes you to loose sight of people?

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