Is Your Leadership Growing by 15%? 

Growing Leaders, Grow Organizations. 

Those words have changed much of my thinking over the past few months. In the Chess not Checkers Field Guide I recently wrote with Mark Miller, one of the moves we discovered all high performance organizations make is they Bet on Leadership. I introduced this concept on a recent post. In case you missed it, check it out.

Casino chips with dramatic lighting and lens flaresAs you think about your organization, are you betting on leadership? Not, is your organization betting on leadership, but are YOU?

A couple of weeks ago an executive level leader challenged my mindset with the 15% principle. He said, “If you expect your business to grow at 15% over the next year, you better make sure your personal leadership is growing by 15%. If you are not, there will come a point where your business will outgrow your leadership.”

Sadly, many leaders spend most of their time working in the business rather than on the business. More specifically, working on themselves. [Tweet “Self leadership is the #1 job of every leader.”]

So, the question is how are you doing when it comes to your leadership growth. Do you have a process and plan in place to help you grow your leadership exponentially?

Over the next few days I will share with you 15 ways you can grow your leadership by 15% in 2015. 

Until tomorrow, remember, Growing Leaders, Grow Organizations. 

Leadership Begins at Home,


What percentage of your time do you spend working to grow your leadership character and skills?

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