Saturday was a great day for Auburn Tiger fans and a reminder of the old adage, “It Ain’t Over till its Over.”

With 33 seconds left in the game, Auburn trailed by 7. When the clock finally struck zero for the second time (thank you replay), the game was tied, seemingly headed to overtime. Twelve or so seconds later, a finish for the ages was complete. Auburn 34 – Alabama 28. Somehow the underdogs managed to squeeze a 109 yard field goal return out of those twelve seconds after the buzzer.

[youtube id=”8GKmkD1pUG0″]

If you didn’t see the game, it is hard to explain all that happened during the final half minute. Auburn ran only one offensive play, scored 13 points, and barring a miracle, ended the 3-peat dreams of their arch rivals. Roll Tears, Roll! 

Watching the game reminded me that the best stuff, and the most stuff, usually happens at the end. It is true in every walk of life. Students cram and grades are saved the night before a big exam. Projects are delivered right before a deadline.  Runners find the reserve to sprint to the finish line after a long grueling distance race. Buildings are quickly evacuated when an alarm sounds.

Statistics show that NFL teams score 15% of their points in the last two minutes of each half. Typically there are about 45 points between the two squads, 24-21 being an average score. However, if points were scored throughout the game like they are after the two minute warnings the average score of games would be 51-50. Translated … Urgency Matters!

So what does all of this two minute warning talk have to do with you?

Today is December 2. It is officially your two minute warning. You have four weeks left to  meet or exceed your goals for the year. The buzzer is about to sound, but there is still time. Perhaps even time for your most and best stuff.

As you begin your final month of 2013, what still needs to be accomplished for it to be a winning year? Where do you need to cram, sprint, deliver, or even evacuate?

The next four weeks are not holidays. They are final days. Squeeze everything you can out of them, right up until the time the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Remember, “It Ain’t Over till its Over.”

War Eagle!


What are 3 things you need to accomplish before the year is over?

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