Over the weekend, Florida Gator basketball coach, Billy Donovan watched his team loose to UGA. Florida is the second best team in the Southeastern Conference and having a great year. Georgia, on the other hand, is not very good. In fact, only one team is worse in the entire league.

After the upset, Donovan said at his press conference, “Sometimes, to coach this team, I feel like I have to grab them all by the back of their shirts and drag them up a hill.” As a leader, perhaps you can relate to the Coach’s sentiments.

No matter how successful you are it is important to recognize that there will be hard days. When things don’t go as planned, the following reminders should help.

1 – Stay hungry. Reading Donovan’s quote, you would think Florida was the bad team going into the game. The reason they have a championship program is that they have a coach who refuses to tolerate mediocrity. Desire is contagious!

2 – Stay positive. The emotional morale of a team is always a reflection of the leader. If the leader goes south emotionally, so will the players. Negativity is contagious too.

3 – Stay engaged. It is a lot easier to give up when things are hard. Don’t. Remember what brought you success in the first place and keep doing the right things. Soon you will be back on top.

4 – Lead! There is a reason you are the leader. If you cave under the pressure of difficult circumstances, so will the rest of the team. Keep dragging, clawing, climbing, scraping, and believing. There is nothing better than staying the course and helping your team reach the summit.

The next time your team or organization hits a bad patch, grab them by the back of their shirts and “keep dragging.”





What other reminders need to be added to the list?