Recently a friend sent me a copy of a new book by Steven Snyder, titled “Leadership and the Art of Struggle.” Snyder is the founder of the Snyder Leadership Group, a consulting firm dedicated to cultivating inspired leadership. He was also an early leader at Microsoft and the winner of the first-ever World Technology Award for Commerce.

Leadership and the Art of Struggle is a great reminder that all leaders face adversity.

Here are 7 quotes from Snyder’s book for you to chew on today.

* When struggle is viewed as an art to be mastered, a new set of strategies and practices emerges, enabling leaders to elevate their skills to ever-greater heights.

* Change stands at the heart of leadership struggle. Every struggle is triggered by some type of change.

* All leaders have the potential to channel their energy in ways that are adaptive and aligned with their purpose.

* Its time for you to craft your own strategy for finding the support you need.

* Try to envision a pathway through whatever challenges you’re facing.

* At the core of struggle is a quality fundamental to the human condition: the tendency to strive to create something better than what currently exists.

* Keep in mind that any change you make in yourself has a ripple effect.

If you are looking for a fresh leadership read, I recommend Leadership and the Art of Struggle. Click here to get your copy.



Can you think of a time when “The Struggle” has made you stronger?