In the old city of Shu He there is a small shop that sells scarves.  The scarf maker is seen here working her fabric and attracting a crowd in order to sell hand made products.  But there is more to the story than meets the eye.

I was intrigued when I first saw this girl from a distance.  Her audience had died down and she was sitting alone in her little booth.  Only she wasn’t working at her trade.  Instead, her attention was fixed on her cell phone, busily sending text messages, thinking no one would notice.

I noticed.

When she saw me, a wry smile crossed her face, the cell phone returned to her lap, and she returned to her work.  Soon another crowd had gathered.  I sat on the curb and watched the whole spectacle.  Our little secret.

While dozens gathered thinking the young girl was from some remote village, a poor peasant, I knew better.  She at least has enough money to afford a cellular plan complete with text messaging.

The leadership lessons were obvious.  One, the globe is shrinking every day.  And two . . . never judge a scarf maker by her cover.



What are you doing to keep pace with the speed of technology?