Leadership Principles from Jesus Day 5: “Profit”

My favorite statement that Jesus ever made is, “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul.”

When it comes to life, we are all faced with a choice. We can either chase the pleasures of this world, hoping to amass enough stuff to make us happy. Or, we can set our sights on the soul side of life.

If today finds you chasing and still empty, I encourage you to consider the reality of the resurrection.

Have a blessed weekend!

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How do you personally measure “true success?”




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Coach Brown

8 years ago

Profit…ergo “Benefit” – we think of profit in terms of money from a commercial perspective, but as Jesus uses it, there resides the real meaning: What benefit, or good, comes from anyone losing their soul in exchange for things or temporal benefits they may believe are of value from this world! How can anything that is temporal be worth anything that is eternal in value? Yet everyday that is what we tend to do.


8 years ago

So true, Coach!

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