Today marks the day we remember the exploits of old Christopher Columbus.  The navigator from Genoa was more than just an explorer.  He was also a leader.

Being an explorer and a leader actually go hand in hand.  Columbus most famous quote illustrates this point.  He said, “Following the light of the sun, we left the Old World.”

As a leader, there are probably some places where you need to leave your “old world.”

While change can be scary, without it, discovery is impossible.

So on this Columbus Day ask yourself if you would be content for things to stay the way they are in your leadership for the next decade.  If the answer is no, then change will have to take place.

Review your mission, values, and priorities and make them your compass.

It’s time to follow the light of the sun and leave your old world.



Why do you think it is so hard for leaders to embrace change?