Yesterday we talked about urgency. Recently the word took on new meaning when I attended the funeral of the father of one of my friends.

It was a good reminder that when it comes to time we all have limits.

There will be a last meeting, a last speech, a last commute,

and a final budget in your current position. What if you knew when that last day would come? If you had only five years remaining, how would it change your approach? What if you had only one year? One month? One week?

Recognizing limits leads to urgency which is a good thing.

Over the last couple of weeks students have studied harder knowing a final exam was scheduled. Soon-to-be moms are decorating nurseries to beat the due date of a coming baby. Details for a June wedding are beginning to look like an oncoming freight train for those engaged to be married.

As a leader you are running out of time. How much more effective could you be if you led every day with a sense of urgency?

Spend some time this weekend evaluating your performance and reminding yourself to work with more intensity. It will make you a better leader.





repost from 5.13.11