Pay attention to the little things. Little things matter. I was reminded of this principle yesterday from a tweet sent out by Ultramarathon Man, Dean Karnazes, whom I met last October.

Dean’s tweet, “If you don’t think the little things matter, you’ve never had a pebble stuck in your shoe.”

Last week, while trail running myself, I had to stop and empty my shoe. Baby rock = big problem.

Where is the little stone in your leadership world these days? That irritating debris that is slowing you down?

Just as one car can shut down a freeway, one person’s lack of cooperation can demoralize a team. One missed phone call can cost you a client. One negative comment can turn a happy home into a war zone.

You better pay attention to the little things before it is too late. Whether at home or at the office, think small. Why?

Because little things matter.



Where do you need to think small this weekend?