On Saturday I spent the afternoon doing maintenance on my lawn mower. Truthfully, I am not a maintenance kind of guy. Using and abusing a mower comes a lot more naturally than cleaning and servicing.


In my case I had no choice. The drive belt slipped off of a pulley leaving the mower, treadmill like, running but not moving. You could hear the grass clapping.

As I worked on the belt it became apparent there were other issues I had ignored. Two hours later the mower looked and performed like it had just left the John Deere factory.

Lawn mower maintenance caused me to think about leadership maintenance. It reminded me

of how easy it is to ignore issues of integrity, consumed instead with the next project or goal. Let’s face it, leaders like to accomplish stuff, not take care of the stuff they have already accomplished.

As you approach a new week, make sure you spend some time on maintenance. If you ignore it long enough, don’t be surprised if you end up in the tall grass.



What is one specific area where you need to perform some leadership maintenance this week?