Mastery … Whenever you see it, you are taken by surprise. Oh, you know there is the possibility because you have read the reviews or heard the stories. But to actually experience it up close, you leave different, knowing that possibilities exist.

I felt this way when I sat and watched Michael Jordan play basketball in Chicago. Phantom of the Opera did it to me on Broadway. Peyton Manning had the affect when my daughter took me to a Monday night football game.

It happened again last weekend. My wife and I traveled to Nashville with another couple, where on Saturday afternoon, our road trip landed us a few miles southwest of the city at what ABC’s Home Show labeled the “best country restaurant in America” … the Loveless Cafe.


All I can say is, WOW!

The Loveless is a small roadside (former motel) diner that specializes in country cooking. They are so good at what they do, with only 122 seats, there is always a wait. Sometimes for hours.

Last year they served approximately 450,000 guests. In the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas they made over a quarter million biscuits. They have their own hashtag, #MyLoveless, and everyone who is anyone in the music world has pulled up a chair at one of their tables.

So how do they do it? It appeared to me there are at least three things that have led to Loveless mastery. I’ll share them with you over the next few days. In the mean time, I encourage you to plan a trip. And if you do, don’t miss the peach jelly on your biscuits.

Leadership Begins at Home,


When have you witnessed mastery in person?

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