Meetings are Where You Make Your Money

During a recent conversation with a leader I was reminded of the importance of great meetings. To quote him, “Meetings are where I make my money.”
I have sat through a few of his meetings. After watching him facilitate, I am not surprised he is making a lot of money. He currently is leading three very profitable businesses.
Meetings give my friend a place to teach, train, coach, challenge, hold team members accountable, dream, brainstorm, plan, delegate, the list goes on and on …
When you think of your meetings, do you see them as a place to create income and influence, or are they something you dread?
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Many organizations have mediocre meetings because they skip meeting fundamentals. 
If you want to make your meetings better I encourage you to consider the following list that my friend Mark Miller and I teach about in The Secret of Teams video series. You can watch the trailer on the right side of this page, or purchase the complete 15 part series at

10 Ways to Make Your Meetings Better:

  1. Invite the right people.
  2. Publish an agenda before the meeting.
  3. Distribute pertinent information before the meeting.
  4. Focus on performance management and important metrics.
  5. Designate a facilitator.
  6. Designate a timekeeper.
  7. Document all action items.
  8. Review previous action items.
  9. Use a flip chart or white board to display work.
  10. Stay focused on the agenda.

By no means is this list exhaustive. However, it is a good start if you want to have effective meetings.
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Mark reminds me often, “No team drifts to greatness.” Yours is no different. If you want to create renewed traction in your organization the place to start is in your meetings. They are where you make your money.
What is one way a leader can improve the effectiveness of his or her meetings?

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