Mentors or Mistakes?

Recently I ran across a tweet from a pastor named Rick Warren. His reminder to leaders?

“You either learn from mentors or you learn from mistakes. Your choice.”

I don’t know about you, but I would much rather learn from a mentor.

When choosing mentors I look for four things.

1. Integrity … If you want to be an authentic leader who leads with character, then follow someone who values and exhibits character.

2. Experience … The best mentors have accomplished something in their field. Successful experience comes from discipline and focus. Those who have a proven track record usually have something to say that I need to hear.

3. Diversity … Often times I learn the most from people who are in an entirely different field from mine. Different causes me to think differently. Every great leader is able to think in ways that are fresh and relevant. If you need some help here, go find someone different.

4. Excellence … You might be surprised at who would be available to you if you would simply ask. Through the years, I have learned from some amazing people. If you want to be the best, then seek out the best.

If you are a leader, you have a choice. You can either learn from mentors or learn from mistakes. It will be a lot less painful if you will choose the mentors.

When you do, just make sure you look for integrity, experience, diversity, and excellence.

Leadership Begins at Home,


What do YOU look for in a mentor?

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Mike Brown

6 years ago

Never forget great mentors are often grizzled veterans who have overcome their own mistakes and are their fir others like you to avoid the same mistakes. That’s why they are likeBle mentors, they can relate to failure.

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