Over the past couple of days one of the most fascinating case studies in leadership has landed right before our eyes.  Little did I know on Monday when I plastered Eagle’s coach Andy Reid’s picture on the blog that he would be the subject of the study.

It looks like Michael Vick is now the starting QB in Philly and Kevin Kolb, the man who was supposed to be the franchise QB for the next decade, is back on the bench.

It appears insane for an organization to be so confused.  After all, the Eagles were so sure just a couple of months ago when they traded their long term star signal caller, Donovan McNabb, to division rival Washington, that Kolb would be the savior.  Their conviction led them to give Kolb a twelve million dollar contract just a few weeks ago.

I guess Monday morning quarterbacks have more influence than we think.

I’m not saying this is the wrong call.  It actually appears right.  I am saying it will be interesting to see how it all plays out over the remainder of the season.

I can tell you this, however.  Decisions affect people.  And sometimes leaders can make them without considering who will be damaged.

Great leaders make solid decisions by using the following decision making principles:

1 – Know what you are trying to accomplish.

2 – Gather all the facts.

3 – Receive input from key people.

4 – Consider the consequences of the decision.

5 – Decide.

6 – Evaluate.

7 – Adjust.

8 – Ignore your critics.

It looks to me like the Eagles are more concerned with public opinion than they are with the well being of their franchise.  Only time will tell.

I hope you will focus on becoming a good decision maker by using these principles.  The people you lead are counting on you.



What are some of the consequences for an organization when a leader waffles on decisions?  Are there other principles for decision making that you would add to the list?