Yesterday’s PGA Tour event at Pebble Beach was an interesting study in motivation. Phil Mickelson, who has not played well for going on two years was the winner of the championship. Phil was paired in the final round with his long time nemesis Tiger Woods.

As I watched the last few holes of the tournament, I couldn’t help but wonder how much Phil was helped by the challenge of battling his rival. Putt after putt were poured in the hole as Mickelson claimed the crown and dusted Tiger by 11 strokes on the day.

There are many leaders who might need a round with their rival. How about you? Are you fully engaged in your leadership role, or do you find yourself going through the motions?

Refocus this week and identify something that provides you with the proper motivation. Victory is available, but only if you stay motivated.

Long time basketball coach, Pat Riley says, “A champion needs a motivation above and beyond winning.”

Find yours and you will be well on your way to getting back on track.





What is your biggest motivation as you head into this week?