Motivational Minute: Define Your Purpose

There is a difference in knowing your purpose and having an entire team lean into a common purpose. In today’s motivational minute I remind leaders that what happens on the top step of the dugout is an indicator of the level of engagement within a team. Check it out and ask yourself if your team members are leaning in.

[Tweet “”A team’s engagement is often times a reflection of a leader’s willingness to share ownership””]
[Tweet “”Great leaders increase engagement by encouraging the dreams of their team members.” #Leadership”]

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Mike Brown

4 years ago

Thanks, Randy. As I listened to your motivational pitch regarding “leaning in” players, I thought about the stories people are drawn to read or movies people are drawn to watch. Memorable characters in books or movies are usually “leaning in” – “top of the step” – engaged but flawed role models who inspire other ordinary people to take part in the action of the game. However, we should never exchange reading or watching our favorite characters for the actions and attitudes we should emulate in our life. Don’t settle for admiring and applauding the “leaning in” players on your team, step up and rub shoulders; encourage others to engage in the game -anticipate to participate.

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