Saturday proved once again to be one of those moments that engrained in my heart why I can’t stand people who tell me why something can’t be done.

Jacksonville State 49 . . . Ole Miss 48.  Class of 1987, thank you very much!

My days as a Gamecock are long gone, but I couldn’t help but feel like one of the big boys for at least a day.

Many of you have never even heard of J.S.U.  Those who have probably think it is in Florida.  It is not.

Certainly none of you gave them (us) a chance to even stay in the game with a school from the SEC, especially when they (we) were down 31-10 at halftime.  But “never say never.”

An inspired second half and a couple of overtimes later it was dog pile city for the boys in red.

The Ole Miss players, coaches, and fans sat in shock as they witnessed the celebration on their home field.  Commentators were stunned.  One announcer remarked, “This is a day the players from J.S.U. will remember for the rest of their lives.” Probably true.

But what if they had never shown up?  What if they had been afraid to even schedule the game?  No celebration.  No memories.  No sense of accomplishment.

Many leaders I know settle for “I could never” lives.  They look at their circumstances as being too hard.  They listen to their critics and shrink.  They give up on their dreams because of self-doubt.

What if we became leaders who would “never say never?” Perhaps we would find ourselves celebrating, storing up memories, and feeling genuine satisfaction for a change?

The alternative is regret.

Find a way to say ‘yes’ and eliminate ‘never’ from your thinking.

There is greatness in your life that is waiting to be unleashed.  Show some Gamecock pride this week and take a step toward it.

You might just discover that you too can go toe to toe with the big boys.



Is there an area of your life where you have been saying, “Never.”?