New Year's Action

OK, it’s go time. Resolution week is over. The holiday returns have been made. Kids are back in school, and vacations are all used up.

Who you are, is who you are. Now, what are you going to do about it?

I say it all the time … “You’re current systems, structures, habits, and behaviors are perfectly designed to give you the results you are now getting.”

A friend of mine reminds me often, “Win the day.” It’s because the day is all I have. The same is true for you. 

However, winning the day is not about intention, it’s about action. It will never be enough for you to possess hope. Hope will never get you to where you want to be. Hope is not a strategy. 

While hope will help you stay the course, discipline is needed if you expect something to change. 

As you start a new week, what is it you need to DO? If you will turn resolution into action, a week from today you will be different. 

Leadership Begins at Home,


What is your number one priority for this week?

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Mike Brown

6 years ago

“Carpe Diem” comes to mind. Embrace the only moment in our life we have actual influence on the outcome – the present moment (today). The “die is cast” in our past; “the die are yet to be cast” in the future; today we “cast the die”! Grasp the die and let it fly…


6 years ago

Well said, Coach!

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