Blur … Noise

Life is a Blur. There are many factors that cause it to be true.

One of the chief reasons? Noise!

Never has there been so much noise. We live in an age of instant access.

Cell phones. Email. Computers. Digital devices. Blogs. Facebook. Twitter. Television. The list is endless.

The reality? We are bombarded with noise.

Noise increases Blur.

Devices designed to increase communication are actually destroying it.

I see couples all the time who are together, yet far apart. Both with a phone glued to their head, unaware of each other.

Kids and teens are no different, texting their way from one moment to the next.

How loud is your life?

Why not turn off the noise and “go dark” for a few hours?

Believe it or not, the world can live without you for a day.

Being blurred is a choice. A noise choice.

It’s time to turn it down!

Leadership Begins at Home,


Where is your life noisy?

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7 years ago

A-men, I really dislike texting and yet find myself trapped doing it more and more. I have said in the past and will say it again. We are, or have, losing the art of communication. It is a skill lost has been lost…
I need to slow down and reduce the noise in my life.


7 years ago

Thanks Jason!

Denni Elrick

7 years ago

Not only are we being absorbed by these devises but others are manipulating us through them and we really are saying less. Where are we all in a rush to get to? What are we so interested in hearing or seeing? I wonder how many neglect their time with You Oh Lord of Heaven. We need some quiet time. Now get your blanket and go to the corner and rest with Me.


7 years ago

Great thoughts, Dennis. Thanks!

Terri Gober

7 years ago

Oddly enough in 2014, I do not have high speed internet access at my house. Yes, you read that correctly. I live in Haralson on the outskirts of Senoia and we can only have dial-up internet. Needless to say, I don’t get on the computer at home. We also do not get cell phone service at our house. It took some getting used to when we first moved but I quickly grew to love it. It is amazing! You really can make it without having those things all the time. I have seriously contemplated downgrading the cell phone service because we don’t use it regularly and it would help with our monthly expenses. Although I do wonder if we would be left out of “the loop” since people would have to pick up the phone and give us a call at home…something to ponder. Great thoughts, Randy.


7 years ago


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